We Provide A Guarantee For The Dental Treatments

Guarantee is given by the dentistry and dental clinic where you get the dental treatment. Our dental clinic furnishes a guarantee for all dental restorations, but different types of work are covered by different guarantee conditions. The dental laboratory makes out a detailed Certificate of Guarantee for the patient after the dental work has been performed. With this warranty-card the dental laboratory guarantees that

High-quality materials are used, Our staff’s professional skills and expertise, our machines and the applied technology meet the highest requirements

Dental Implants

10 Years

Veneers, Inlays & Onlays

3 Years

Crowns and Dental Bridges

5 Years

Dental Prothese

1 Years

We use the best A Grade materials and brands manufactured in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the USA, all of which come with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

We can’t furnish any guarantee in the following cases:

  • Neglected mouth hygiene
  • Leaving the dentist’s advice out of consideration
  • Not proper use of dental restorations
  • Omission of necessary yearly check-up
  • Dental works which are considered as after-care treatments, e.g.: suture
  • Removal after an operation, underlining of dentures etc.
  • For temporary restorations etc.

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Our Dental Treatments

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